Opening hours?

There are no official opening hours.

Via the number +41 79 467 29 11 via WhatsApp or SMS, house assistant Marc is available 7 days a week around the clock.

Can Poppers be used?

No, the safety of our guests is very important. Poppers can lead to cardiac arrest and is therefore a major risk factor that we do not want to accept.

Do I have to make an appointment?

Yes, we can only be reached by appointment. 

Can I take a shower?

Yes, you can take a shower. There is also a hair dryer available.

What happens if I get to the climax too early?

We are very sensitive and don't handle anyone. As a rule, it does not happen.
However, if it should happen we will not charge the full amount.

Is the duration of the stay including preliminary talk and showering after the session?

No, the duration of the stay is the pure session time.
We don't like hectic, so we usually add between 15 and 30 minutes to the session time.

Are the Mistresses professionals, do they speak German and English?

No, the Mistresses aren't professionals. They really enjoy it. You will certainly be thrilled.
Yes, they speak German and English.