As young, natural and attractive women at the age of 25 - 30, we are dominant and have a sadistic streak, depending on the mistress from strong to extreme. 

We are "real" and not actresses.

We love what we do and live it out with passion and dedication. We are also extremely creative and imaginative.

For your safety, new techniques and equipment are tested beforehand on our test object.

We are only bookable by appointment
As we have a professional and private life, we are not available by phone before a session.

So that we can concentrate on the essential, namely you, our assistant Marc is responsible for all administrative matters.
You can reach him around the clock
via SMS, email, WhatsApp or by phone (+41 79 467 29 11).
When you call Marc is on the phone.
The dominatrix you have booked will receive you at the agreed time.


Assistant Marc does not appear at all. You will be alone with your mistress or mistresses.

After each session we will review the progress of the session if you like.