I have now also developed a great preference for various fetish fantasies.

I would like to offer you especially also fetish preferences that you can hardly live out anywhere else.

You can live out from 60 minutes for a flat rate of 300, - your fetish preference / s with me.
I do not like stress at all.

Size 1.70 m
Clothing size 36 - 38
Shoe size 41
Languages Fluent German and English

My fetish preferences:

  • Original bathing caps from the 60s
  • Balloon fetish
  • Rubber household gloves, short, long and different colors
  • Heavy rubber gloves
  • Latex aprons
  • Plastic aprons
  • Plastic gloves long
  • Rubber boots short, long
  • Plastic raincoat
  • Plastic breathing masks
  • Gas masks and tubes
  • Latex masks

    You are welcome to tell me your personal fetish preference, should I not have mentioned it.
    Please note, however, that the aspect of health is always in the first place.



My taboos:

I am not touchable, oral and sex is not possible.
In addition, I absolutely do not tolerate smoking and poppers.

Possible posting constellation: Fetishlady Selina
Appointments: 7 days a week from 11 am by arrangement