Men (especially women/ couples/ TV) to submit to our will, in a variety of ways and using sophisticated" toys " (including our female body... trampling, ball kicking etc.).

To humiliate, to dominate or to torment is arousing and gives us devilish pleasure. We also try to transform our own fantasies and desires into reality.

Doctor Nina

We also enjoy exploring your limits, taking you there... and preferably a little bit further afield.

By the way, we tormentors harmonize with each other. Therefore, there is the possibility of two Mistresses who complement each other to be taken into the "pincers". However, it is more suitable for "tougher" boarders or brave curious people.

Even beginners are enthusiastically "trained" and "tenderly" taken into the breeding. Be brave... and please don't be afraid or be shy. Nothing human is alien to us.

Doctor Ayleen

We are especially looking for contact to sub-subjects who visit us regularly and how we want to build up a "BDSM relationship", e.g. pain or smell training, bizarre role-playing games etc.

People know and trust each other, try out new things and deepen what they have already learned.

Doctor Sophia

We also offer subtle pain torture without trace. Of course, everything will only be done in mutual agreement and approval. Boundaries and taboos are clarified in a preliminary discussion.

Respect and understanding mean a lot to us. The utmost discretion is also required.