No time to visit us or not yet decided... and still curious about one of the Mistresses?

Getting you in the mood for the session, brightening up the mood or scented souvenirs for dark days?

After the joint experience, take a small personal souvenir home with you?

We have the solution:

24/48 hrs of worn fragrance panties (style + colour selectable) only Fr. 30/ 50.-

Socks worn in a full rubber session (soaked in sweat) for Fr. 20.

Golden shower, 100 ml in a practical screw cap cup for CHF 50.

Caviar, daily ration for Fr. 70.

Menstrual squirt (size and degree of satiety vary according to lady) for Fr. 40.

Only on request and payment in advance. Naturally, the waiting time must be taken into account.

All prices plus shipping costs. The delicacies are discreetly and odourlessly packed.