I may be small and petite, but appearances are deceptive.
When slaves kneel before me and beg for mercy, it fills me with especially much joy.
To inflict pain of any kind on the slave is a great preference of mine. I am extremely cynical and subtle.
Of course you can also visit me as a beginner.

I am very experienced in laying catheters, because I have to do with it professionally.
I don't lay a catheter if you have problems with your prostate.


1.50 m, type Lolita
clothing size 34-36
shoe size 35-36
languages Fluent in Swiss German, German, English, Spanish and Portuguese

My preferences:

  • inflict pain with my feet
  • inflict pain with my shoes
  • inflict pain with equipment
  • Games with incense sticks on the slaves body
  • whips
  • massage/lick feet
  • High heels lick
  • Candle wax games
  • Pee also from source
  • strap on
  • anal games
  • enema
  • Catheter (minimum 1 hour)
  • electronic games
  • needle plays
  • Fisting (Poppers will not be tolerated)
  • Role plays of all kinds

I am very imaginative and keen to experiment. If you have a preference that is not listed here, just let me know.


GV, OV, intimate contact at the Mistress, smoking, alcohol, drugs and poppers are not tolerated
Possible posting constellation: Mistress Nina or Mistress Ayleen
Appointments: 1 day in advance, or until 3 hours in advance