I'm the youngest of them all.
Nevertheless, I have a very good command of the game of dominance and submission.
Above all, I am experienced in laying catheters.
In addition, I am the only one of us ladies in the dirty area to also offer the Roman shower.

I am very experienced in laying catheters, because I have to do with it professionally.
I don't put in a catheter if you have problems with the prostate.

Size 1.68 m
Clothing size 36 - 38
Shoe size 39
Languages Fluent Swiss-German, German, English and Spanish

My preferences:

  • Dirty games
  • Pee also from source
  • Scat also from source (minimum 1 hour)
  • Vomit
  • disgust games
  • olfactory training
  • Games with used tampons and bandages
  • spitting
  • forcible feeding
  • Candle wax games
  • strap on
  • TV education with make-up
  • electric games
  • urethral dilatation
  • anal games
  • Fisting (Poppers will not be tolerated)
  • enema
  • Catheter (minimum 1 hour)
  • needle plays
  • Latex/Pvc
  • Role plays of all kinds

I am very imaginative and keen to experiment. If you have a preference that is not listed here, just let me know.


GV, OV, intimate contact at the Mistress, smoking, alcohol, drugs and poppers are not tolerated.
Possible posting constellation: Mistress Nina or Mistress Sophia
Appointments: 1 day in advance, or until 3 hours in advance