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We are happy to welcome you
Appointments can be arranged immediately.

We have been practising the FOPH's hygiene measures for years and they are part of the studio's philosophy:
The protection and health of our guests has the highest priority

Mistress Nina

From June 30th to July 20th during the holidays

Mistress Karma
BBW Mistress Ayleen
Mistress Sophia

are pleased about your visit and your interest in our website.

We are private Mistresses and would like to live out our dominant vein and let off steam with you as a passionately confessing sub in the BDSM field. 

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced BDSM lover, it doesn't matter. 

As extremely creative and imaginative ladies, we can offer you a big variety of games.

Centrally located, near Albisriederplatz, but discreetly situated,
the stylishly and generously furnished premises offer (chamber of torture, hospital etc.) of the private domicile in the city of Zurich, with air-conditioned rooms the best conditions to "dive" into dark worlds without stress.

Special offer
5 hours with all 4 Mistresses for 750.
You can book us individually, in twos, in threes, in fours or one after the other.
1 hour per mistress is the minimum
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Doctor Nina


Cleanliness and safety are our top priorities.
Be it toilet, bathtub, floors, equipment. Everything is cleaned and disinfected to the highest Standard.

We Mistresses are also healthy and want to stay healthy.

That's why we're untouchable in the intimate area.

Transfer of body fluids by the slave is an absolute taboo. Drugs, alcohol, smoking and especially poppers are not tolerated.

We offer sessions from at least 1 hour for Sfr.300.-
We're not offering another half-hour. We do not like hectic rush at all.

BBW Doctor Ayleen


Please note:

Our assistant Marc is responsible for all administrative matters.
He is available around the clock via WhatsApp, SMS, email or phone.
If you call +41 79 467 29 11 Marc will be on the phone.
He coordinates the appointments and makes sure that the Mistress you want to meet you at the agreed time in the outfit of your choice.
Likewise he cleans everything after each session.

Secretary Marc doesn't even show up. You are alone with your mistress, your mistresses

Doctor Sophia


  Doctor Karma